Warmly welcome to grand releasing ceremonial event of new internet based development tools for SME companies!

The new two tools are focused on modernization and internationalization of SMEs.

Time and Place: February 20, 2014 at 13 – 17.30
ITMO, address: St. Petersburg, Birzhevaya 4, conference hall
Moderators: Vesa Sorasahi, CEO / Miktech Oy and Andrei Rybin, head of center for international affairs / ITMO State University



The importance of systematic and continuous development of SME company
Valentin Makarov; president, RUSSOFT Association

InnoBus project; main idea, focuses and outcomes
Terhi Jantunen; project manager, Wirma Lappeenranta Oy

Web-based self-assessment tool for the internationalization process of SMEs, beta version
Andrei Rybin, head of center for international affairs & Andrey Ivanov, IT specialist, ITMO State University

Questions and comments


Coffee break


Progress: Web-based tool for supporting systematic business development and modernization of SMEs;
releasing of Progress Russia - version       
Kimmo Haapea; development manager, Miktech Oy

Case study

Questions and Comments


Conversation; the advantages and need for improvement of the tools for internationalization and modernization

Organization of the follow-up

Changes in the program may occur.




There are number of efforts on commercialization of innovations that have been done on national levels.


There is a strong need for innovative companies on go international. The Coaching Program team has studied the best available European experience in supporting the internationalization efforts of the companies to adjust and implement them in cooperating regions. The specialized products and services for companies going international have been developed. The group of innovative SME’s from Finnish and Russian side will be selected, trained and provided with concrete tools to support the internationalization process, including guidelines and tools for funding of the internationalization process and for protection of the intellectual property rights (IPR).


The international practices on IPR protection issues will be clearly presented in the special guidelines. Modernisation of businesses is one of the key themes in EU-Russia cooperation currently. The concept on modernization of conventional companies has been developed based on the European and Russian experiences. During the Coaching Program companies, willing to modernize their operations, will be selected. The pool of experts in modernization issues will be selected and their services will be matched with the needs of the modernization companies. These experts will utilize the knowledge by providing the tailored products and services for companies using self-assessment tool for initial assessing the needs and designing the modernization plan.

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